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Essential Tips To Consider When Designing The Best Custom Patches

While designing the best custom patches is easy, there are a few things you must understand before you make your order. There are multiple options you can choose from when designing a custom patch. Some of the details include thread types, border styles, special backing and more. While it might sound stressful, it is an easy process if you take the time to consider certain vital factors.

These factors are highlighted below.

Patch Size

When choosing the best custom patches, you must know how big or small you want your patch to be. You need to understand that some patch materials work better than others when it comes to specific sizes and shapes. Smaller embroidered patches are the best for simple designs that have little or no text. Larger patches, on the other hand, show details in a better manner.

You can also opt to use PVC patches or woven patches. Both of these patches will allow more intricate details on small patches compared to embroidery patches.

How You Will Attach The Patches

It is also vital to consider how you want to attach your patches to garments. The purpose of your patch will play a significant role in what attachment method you choose. The simplest option you can choose is the sew-on patch. In this scenario, you will sew the patch into place on the garment you choose using a needle and a thread.

This is always the safest way of attaching your custom patch to a garment. The patch can even outlast the garment. The second option is the iron-on backing method. Using this method, you will need to place the patch where you want it on the garment and press it with heat from an iron.

This melts the adhesive to the garment for a secure bond. If you are looking for precise placement of a patch, you can iron it on and then sew it into place.


Another essential factor you must consider when designing the best custom patches is their borders. The design of your patch will come out the way you desire when you choose its perimeter correctly. You can choose merrowed borders for your patches, which are the standard style. With these borders, you will add a raised edge all the way around your patch.

This allows you to create a sense of visual separation between your patch and the cloth it is attached to. This also gives a classic look. Custom-shaped patches always look better with hot-cut borders. This style allows you to ensure your patch has a flat look.

It doesn’t give the sense that it is raised from the garment. If you are looking to achieve more intricate custom shapes, you should choose hot-cut borders.


When thinking about the types of patches you want to design, you should consider what elements you will incorporate. This is because the elements you add impact the outcome. For instance, if you are designing custom patches for a graduation party, you can have fun with the year or degree. Elements allow you to have fun with your patch design ideas.

You can also add business logos to the custom patches, as this will be a great conversation starter, and they are easily recognizable.


There is a wide selection of patch shapes to pick from. You can choose the traditional shape, for instance, which consists of a square, rectangle or circle. You can also opt for custom shapes. If you are just starting to design patches, you should consider using the standard preset shapes.

However, if you are used to it, and you want to be fancy, you can use the patch maker to accommodate whatever you want. If you are dealing with a craft project, you should consider using a fabric-cutting machine.


As you can see, there are many things to consider when designing the best custom patches. A good design goes a long way because you will encounter a lot of people who will admire your work. Since fashion is always changing and evolving, creating the best custom patches is a great way to always match the trends. To achieve the best custom patches, consider going through all the tips above.

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